Namthip Nursing home is the creation  Kanmanas Sornprom, 47 years old, senior nurse who has been involved in managing nursing staff in most of Pattayas top hospitals. As someone who has dedicated her life to nursing she saw the need for quality and affordable nursing in the Pattaya area for those requiring after hospital care.
Her vision is a safe environment where the patient becomes part of the "family". Still working s a nursing teacher at the local nursing college Kanmanas is very well qualified to monitor and improve the nursing qualities of the staff. In her words " I look for people who love to help other people as this I can't teach. Everything else I can teach my staff." Or in other words Nurse Kanmanas staff are handpicked for their caring and loving personalities and then trained to the highest standards in patient car.

Namthip Nursing Home provides 24 hour care suitable for patients recovering from many conditions including Alzheimers, Dementia, Stroke, Heart Problems, Diabetes and General recovery nursing as well as care for elderly patients who are too weak to care for themselves.


The Management and Staff of Namthip Nursing Home, are committed to working together with other professionals in providing for our Residents a common sense of wellness, belonging, acceptance, respect, understanding, support and inclusiveness as we strive to grow in and deliver care as far as possible reflecting the wishes and aspirations of our Residents. Towards end of life our aim is to deliver care, which meets his/her physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs and respects his/her dignity and autonomy.


  • We have specific plans of care for each individual through which we can ensure that the needs of each Resident are fulfilled.
  • We provide trained, respectful and caring staff to offer care and professional service to each Resident.
  • Our staff training programmes ensure that nursing and care staff are responsive to the needs of the Resident and that ‘best practice' techniques are sought out and utilised on an ongoing basis.
  • We will ensure comfortable accommodation and a range of services are available in a relaxed, comfortable and secure setting.
  • We acknowledge and embrace that the rights of the Resident in relation to privacy, dignity, independence and choice are respected at all times.
  • We will seek professional advice and consult with the Resident, the family of the Resident where applicable and the nursing/care staff, when decision making in relation to a patient's treatment and plan of care.